How does the 'Pick Your Own Flowers' work?  5 simple steps:

1. Grab a pair of clippers (we have many pairs available for our customers)

2. Grab a basket (we have many quaint baskets that will make you feel like a regular country gal/guy)

3. Wander through our rows of flowers clipping the flowers that catch your attention. Clip the stems long or short,          depending on the depth of vase you plan on using 

4. Arrange your flowers right here, or take them home to play with your bouquet design

5. Pay for your pick. Since everyone cuts a different amount, we ask you to look at the size of your                                  bouquets and pay a fair price, one that makes you feel you got good value for your purchase, yet does not make        you yell 'START THE CAR' to your driver!!!  (A few spring flowers may have specific price per stem)

Payment methods:

Correct cash dropped in the slot in the metal box under the canopy

Or...e-transfer to

Come back many times through out the season, as the flower variety changes from spring to fall.

Open 7 days a week, dawn until dusk